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Welcome to the Behind-the-Scenes Portal for the Miranda Digital Asset Platform. This portal has been created to help those interested in learning about the human and technical development processes that make the Miranda project possible. The Miranda prototype was made public in fall 2017, with an alpha release in May 2018 and a beta launch upcoming in October 2018.

There is information about what is currently available on the Miranda platform alpha and outlines some of the work we will be doing in advance of the full beta launch. For technical (and technical-leaning) folks, there is also information on how the platform itself works, how to interact with the platform's APIs, and data import processes.

All of the platform code will be linked here by the project's conclusion, and it will be perfectly usable for anyone who wants to examine it or learn from it. However, we regret that we cannot provide technical support for other installations of the platform besides the official site. The code repository for the 2017 Miranda prototype client and the prototype server is hosted on Github. Our primary technical partner is ParsonsTKO.

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