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Welcome to the Behind-the-Scenes Portal for the Miranda Digital Asset Platform. To explore Miranda, visit

Notice: Miranda retirement

Miranda will be retired in March 2024. While information about the project and the platform code repository will remain available after retirement, the platform itself will no longer be publicly available.

What this means for you

Before March 2024, you can still:

This page will be updated with further information about retirement deadlines and additional resources. Please direct questions about Miranda's retirement to

Where you can find Folger resources

An introduction to the Miranda platform shares specific information about the platform components and the project goal.

For digital collection images and media, visit the Folger's Digital Collections website.

The Folger's library catalog has bibliographic data and collections materials information.

The Folger’s Shakespeare Unlimited podcasts are available on the Folger’s website.

The Folger’s Finding Aids database shares information about our manuscript collections and institutional archives.

Miranda Stories websites feature items from our collection and the collections of global institutional partners.

More online resources offered by the Folger can be found on the Folger’s website.

Contact if you have any questions or are looking for other resources not listed above.

Where you can find Miranda information and code

This portal documents the human and technical development processes that made the Miranda project possible. The Miranda prototype was made public in fall 2017, with an alpha release in May 2018 and a beta launch in January 2019. The grant period concluded at the end of February 2020, and the platform will be retired in fall 2023.

This portal contains information about what is currently available on the Miranda platform and outlines some of the work completed throughout the project. For technical (and technical-leaning) folks, there is also information on how the platform itself works, how to interact with the platform's APIs, and the platform's data model.

The code repository for Miranda as well as the 2017 Miranda prototype is available on Github under the MIT License.

Our technical partners for this project were ParsonsTKO and Aplyca Technologia. The Miranda project was made possible with generous support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

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