Advanced search

Most online platforms offer two means of searching their holdings: a basic search, with a few limited options for discovering and narrowing the results, and an advanced search, with a far wider number of ways to slice and dice what you get back from a search. Currently, Miranda offers both, though we continue to consider the optimal search experience of the Folger's collection.

The basic keyword search is the first seen when you hit the main page. This is a streamlined search experience, with a single way to customize your search: selecting "Only search for media available online" filters for records that hold audio or visual material you can engage on Miranda.

Clicking "More search options" opens the advanced search options, which can be used independently or alongside the basic keyword search. You can restrict your search by date, format, language, and genre. You can also search specific fields of Miranda records by using the "Search in" option. Click the dropdown to search by Title, Creator, Reference ID, or Subject.

The Reference ID field collects the variety of identification terms the Folger uses for a collection object. Common Reference IDs include:

  • Folger call number
  • Folger Accession number
  • Folger holdings ID
  • STC number
  • ESTC number