Current Folger Personnel

Eric M. Johnson is the Director of Digital Access, leading the Digital Media and Publications division, and the project's principal investigator. He provides senior-level oversight and guidance, and identifies and resolves significant project challenges and risks.

Stacey Redick is the Folger's Digital Strategist. She oversees user experience for Folger digital projects, including Miranda. She ensures that Folger digital initiatives serve their key audiences while complying with best practices for interaction design.

Mike Poston, Data Architect, is known as the Folger's "Digital Merlin." He oversees the data schema and structures that power Miranda.

Sophie Byvik, the Digital Projects Associate, oversees day-to-day development, the budget, marketing, and other logistics for Miranda as its project manager.

Former Folger personnel

Gabrielle Linnell oversaw the day-to-day development and associated activities for Miranda as the Digital Project Manager. She was responsible for project management, the budget, event organization and logistics, meeting milestones, and risk mitigation.

Meaghan J. Brown coordinated data for ingest into Miranda as the Digital Production Editor. She wrangled Intellectual Property concerns for the project, and liaised between Folger projects and scholars.

Elizabeth Corbett-Nicholson, Data Transformation Associate, worked on transforming data into Miranda and other data-related tasks.

Sarah Hovde was a Cataloger at the Folger. For Miranda, she applied and interpreted cataloging standards, and helped establish processes for transforming cataloging data.

Emily Wahl worked on data modeling, taxonomy building, and metadata creation and transformation for Miranda. She is the Folger's metadata specialist.

We thank Erin Blake, formerly Head of Collection Information Services, for her contributions to the Miranda project in earlier phases.

Technical Partners

ParsonsTKO built the Miranda prototype alongside the Folger team. Parsons continues to support Miranda's technical construction, collaborating on data schema, infrastructure development, and file management, among other concerns, with the Folger team.

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