History Plays Map

How to use the History Plays Map

Select Plays


- Select a play and then a color to start building a legend for the map.

- You can select up to eight plays at once.

- You can clear your choices and start fresh by pressing the 'Clear' button.


- Once you have selected the plays you want to map, click the "Go" button to generate the map.


Navigating the Map

- You can zoom in and out on the map as well as use the mouse to drag the map whichever way you need to.

- Clicking on any of the plays in the legend will remove that play's dots from the map.


- You can also go back to the selection menu easily by pressing the back button at the top of the legend.


Getting Information From the Map

- Mouseover any of the dots to get the name of the place.


- Click on a dot to get a list of all the lines in which that place is mentioned. The list is organized so that each row represents one line with the information in this order: Play, Speaker, Act.Scene.LineNumber

- Clicking on any of the Act.Scene.LineNumber links will take you directly to that line in the play on Folger Digital Texts


Overlay Historical Maps

- When you click the "Historical Maps" dropdown menu you will see several options for historical maps that you can overlay onto the base map.


- Clicking on any of these options will load the overlay. Also, you will see a sliding scale underneath the dropdown menu, which you can use to control the opacity of the overlays.